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International Journal of Advanced Technology and Natural Sciences

Journal Description

The journal is intended to publish cutting-edge research in chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, computer science, geology, chemical engineering, computer engineering, biological systems engineering, geotechnical engineering, technological engineering, mechanical engineering, mineral and metallurgical engineering, mining engineering, petroleum engineering, geological engineering, as well as automation of technological processes, energy and mechanical engineering, construction technologies and industrial safety. The journal contains scientific reviews and original research articles for a wide range of scientists, and each review provides all the necessary definitions and explanations, a full description of the problem under discussion and its significance, as well as its relevance for fundamental research in various fields. The publications also contain authoritative material describing ongoing research and innovative solutions to unsolved problems.
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The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the facts and accuracy of the information.

All articles have gold open access status. Articles are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).

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Founder: Navoi state mining Institute.


I. Natural science thematics:
1.1. Chemistry
1.2. General chemistry
1.3. Physical chemistry
1.4. Analytical chemistry
1.5. Chemical Technology
1.6. High molecular compound
1.7. General  physics
1.8. Polymer physics
1.9. Composite materials
1.10. Material science
1.11. Ecology

II. Engineering science thematics:
2.1 Engineering
2.2. Computer engineering
2.3. Mining operations
2.4. Mining electromechanics
2.5. Automated Management and Informatics
2.6. Electric supply
2.7. Metallurgy
2.8. Economy
2.9. Mining and mining electromechanics
2.10. Metallurgy and enrichment
2.11. Aviation and aerospace engineering
2.12. Geological engineering
2.13. Textile engineering
III. Technical science thematics:
3.1. Technics
3.2. Nanotechnology
3.3. Mechanical technology
3.4. Biotechnology
3.5. Food technology
3.6. Oil and oil technology
3.7. Wood technology
3.8. Robotics