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E-mail: sciencealgorithm@yandex.com

About Science Algorithm Publishing House

The Science algorithm publishing house was organized with the aim of creating scientific journals, organizing scientific conferences, checking articles for plagiarism and other works in the scientific field. Currently, the publishing house “Science algorithm” created and published 2 electronic – scientific journals entitled:

1.Journal of Advances in Engineering Technology ISSN: 2181-1431
2.International Journal of Advanced Technology and Natural Sciences ISSN: 2181-144X.

The journals have been reassigned to publish promising research in the chemical, mining and oil and gas industries, as well as process automation, energy and mechanical engineering, technology in construction and industrial safety. The journal presents peer-reviewed reviews and original research papers available to a wide range of scientists. Each overview document contains all the necessary definitions and explanations, a complete overview of the problem under discussion and a description of its importance and connection with fundamental research in the areas. The publications also contain authoritative material describing ongoing research and innovative solutions to unsolved problems.