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Requirements for articles

Standard article size: 4-10 pages.

The article should have no more than 4 authors. For each of the authors, detailed information should be attached (place of work, position, academic degree, academic title, postal address).

The article must necessarily have an annotation, keywords (in Russian and Uzbek (Latin)) and a bibliographic list. Annotation to the article should fully disclose its content and have an average volume of at least 10-12 lines (or from 100 to 250 words). Keywords are on average 10-20 words.

The list of used literature should contain sources later than 2000.

It is necessary to give units of measurement and designations in the International System of Units SI.

Inconsistency of the article materials with the above requirements may serve as a reason for refusal to publish.

Formatting the text of the article:

Heading style: Font set “Arial”, 18 point, all caps, left aligned, no hyphenation, bold; Above the title of the article (with 1 space), in the right corner – the surname and initials of the authors, 10 point size, normal; UDC index – in the left corner; Under the title of the article – the full names of the authors – in bold; place of work, position scientific title, name of organization, 10 point size, usual.

Annotation style: “Arial” font, 9 point, normal; Location below the title of the article.

Keyword style: Typeface “Arial”, 9 point, normal; The words “Key words” are in bold. Location below annotation.

Body text style: Typeface “Arial”, 10 point, normal; line spacing – single; paragraph indentation – 0.5 cm; Page margins: left, – 3, top, bottom, right – 2 cm.

Table style: Table name – “Arial” font, 8 point size, bold, centered. Typesetting font of the table “Arial”, 8 point size.

Formula set style: Writing formulas and special characters exclusively in the “Microsoft Equation-З” editor. Formulas are centered.

Illustrations: Illustrations should be ready for printing, inserted into the text and attached in separate files in GIF, BMP, JPEG format;

References (list of references): Style of the list – font of the set “Arial”, 8 point size, italics. Must have an average of 8-15 sources (of which no more than 25% – for their own work), with the obligatory inclusion of literature published no more than 10 years ago. The reference number is given in square brackets. For the correct formatting of links, it is recommended to use the web resources of the site www.snoska.info  or https://kursach37.com.

Figures must be recorded as separate graphic files in JPEG, TIF, EPS or PSD format with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

Contact information is given by full name. authors, e-mail and contact phone number ORCID (orcid.org) and SPIN (elibrary.ru) numbers at the end of the article without fail.

An expert opinion on the possibility of publishing the material in the open press can be attached to the article.

Articles can be sent via the website or by e-mail to the address: joaiet@sciencealgorithm.uz