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Placing a custom 3D object in the virtual world environment

Morozov М.N., Nuraliev F.M, Hamidov V.S, Giyosov U.E.


This text offers with the design and placing of virtual reality systems. We present a project aiming at integrating immersive virtual reality technologies into a three-dimensional virtual world. We use an educational platform vAcademia as a test bed for the project, and focus on improving the learning process and, subsequently – the outcomes. In addition, Design and geometric models of 3D objects for virtual environments, in particular exterior, interior and characters, and their computer algorithms were developed. Also, we will create our software as a part of the VRML platform interface for a virtual 3D classroom, so college students, can sign in to direction that they may attend in a virtual world. Algorithms have been developed for Mesh type PR (reducing the size of polygons) and Simplify poly (simplifying the number of polygons) that affect 3D objects in a virtual software system without losing quality.